A Recording and Music Production Studio in Mascoutah, IL

Flatlander Sound - Recording Studio

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AKG C414B-ULS Multi-Pattern Large-diaphragm Condensers 
AKG C418 Drum Condenser clip-on microphones
AKG C420 Headworn Condenser
AKG D112 Kick Drum/Bass Instrument Dynamic 
Audio Technica AT3035 Large diaphragm condenser
Audio Technica Pro 35 Clip on Condenser Instrument Mics
Audio-Technica ATM350W Cardioid Condenser Woodwind Mic
Audix D2, D4, D6 Dynamic Drum 
Audix i5 Dynamic Drum 
Audix ADX-51 Small-diaphragm Condensers
Lauten Audio LA-320 Tube Condenser 
Rode NT5 Small-diaphragm Matched Pair Cardioid Condensers
Royer R-121 Ribbon
SE Electronics H3500 Large diaphragm condenser 
Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Vocal 
Sennheiser MD421-II Dynamic Cardioid Mics
Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Condenser
Shure Beta58A Dynamics
Shure Beta 98H/C Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Instrument Mics
Shure BG4.0 Low Z Condensers
Shure KSM44 Large diaphragm condensers
Shure SM57 Dynamics
Shure SM58 Dynamics
Shure SM7B Shure Cardioid Dynamic
Townsend Labs L-22 Sphere


Avid Pro Tools HDX DAW with all Avid plugins
Apple Logic Pro X
Presonus Studio One

Antares Tech plugins

All Avid plugins

IK multimedia plugins

iZotope plugins

McDSP plugins

Slate Digital plugins
Sound Toys plugins

Universal Audio plugins
Waves plugins
Roxio Toast Titanium Pro


Universal Audio Apollo X16 Analog 16-Channel Interface/Converter
Universal Audio Apollo 16 MkII Analog 16-Channel Interface/Converter iConnectivity Mio10 8-Channel MIDI interface


Allen & Heath SQ-6 32-channel 96KHz Digital Mixer
ART Studio V3 Tube MP Single-Channel Tube Mic/Inst Pre
ART TubeChannel Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ Channel Strip
Audient ASP880 8-channel Preamp
Audient Mico 2-Channel Preamp w/ Var Phase and Digital Output
Avalon VT-737SP Vacuum Tube Recording Channel
Focusrite ISA 428 Mk II 4-Channel Mic/Instrument Preamplifier
Focusrite Octopre Platinum 8-channel Microphone Preamplifier
Great River MP-2NV 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier

Roland MMP-2 Modeling Microphone Preamp

Studio Monitors:

Focal Trio6 Be 3-way/2-way speakers


Carvin LB-76 5-string electric bass w/ active electronics

Gretsch Catalina Club Birch acoustic drums

Korg Triton Le Synthesizer

​LP Conga set

Roland FP-50 Digital Stage Piano

Roland TD-30KV Pro Electronic Drums

Silvertone SSAW Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Many percussion toys


Apple    Mac Pro (2014) with 12-Core CPU and 128GB RAM
Apple    Mac Pro (2009) with 64GB RAM
Apple    MacBook Pro (2015) with 16GB RAM